World’s Deadliest Monster Lizards

World’s Deadliest Monster Lizards

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World’s two deadly predators: Komodo dragon & Perentie Monitor Lizard. Komodo dragons are the largest living lizards in the world, they’re aggressive and powerful, and can bring down animals much, much bigger than they are. Perentie monitor lizard’s prey includes young kangaroos, other small marsupials, snakes, bats, and rodents.

Komodo dragon photos

Komodo dragon photos

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Actually we originally thought komodo dragons had toxic bacteria in their mouths which killed their prey often from a single bite on for instance the hock of a buffalo. Recent studies have shown they in fact do have a venomous bite and not the toxic bacteria we had earlier suspected. I hope you will look into this and get the right information out there in another follow up vid

This is the proof that cameraman never dies

Parentie: theres some food watching us…
Komodo: we cant touch it. Its a cameraman, its in the contract.

Can we give these cameramen a round of applause for not getting ate by these nightmares of an animal.

Wow the Perentie looks like a vicious predator but the Komodo dragon has always been around and it looks pretty dangerous to me so I’m gonna have to say that the Komodo dragon is the king 👑 of lizards 🦎

Komodo dragon photos

Komodo dragon photos

That Kangaroo was like ” you gotta be quicker than that!”

I love how the kangaroo just hops away while a large predator is trying to eat it..

The Perentie is one amazing lizard. 25mph up to 1/2 mile? That’s insane!

So basically, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if dinosaurs were found in Australia

I literally have never gotten chills lookin into an animals face, but the way the perenti dilated it’s pupils and looked out menacingly to the camera shook me to my core.

“run and breathe at the same time” is the funniest thing ive ever heard as a special attribute😂😂😂

I like the fact that nothing goes to waste with these guys.

I hate how komodo dragons have these sad cute eyes but are one of the most brutal animals on the planet! It’s like bears, they have no excuse for being so cute!

Komodo dragon photos

Komodo dragon photos

These monitor lizards look amazing when they just casually walk around, and in some cases, hunt for their prey! They look like living dinosaurs!

That’s a big lizard 🦎 but I love the Komodo dragon more. Great video❤️

No matter how hard I try to Imagine I just can’t imagine this lizard beating Usian Bolt in a 100m or 200m race.

After watching thousands of hours of Animals documentaries I concluded, this is the greatest scene to ever be recorded.