Xaron – You Broke Me (Lyrics)

Xaron – You Broke Me (Lyrics) [7clouds Release]

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I am missing memories
of all the times you cornered me alone
I don’t remember how it happens
and I ended up on the floor

But i remember what it felt like
No one saw

No one could imagine
that the two of once fell love
You Broke me
But i wish you well

Got down on my knees
knowing that if i have forgot up
It has one final release
and then kick myself off the mind

I would remember what it felt like
Hold it dear
So i remember not to look back
I remember not to shed a tear

Now i’m angry
Hope you get some help

Most liked comments about the video

“Distance sometimes lets you know who is worth keeping and who is worth letting go.”

ty for the song, had a bad breakup just a week ago and i’m just trying not crash or fall to deep, bring more, love the songs

“There is a reason why anyone got removed from your life, and there is a reason why anyone is still in your life”

This is a really nice song 10000000000000/10

No gonna lie but this is my Favourite Song For real I literally sing this in my real voice I love this already

i hate how this brings back memories of my trauma but love how it helps me process and heal a little at a time….

To the person who is reading this, don’t give up on your YouTube channel. Keep going it’s going to get better 😘

Hope you guys are enjoying the new song!!

Please repent, change your life around and live for Him🙏.