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Yesterday’s Target | Full Action Sci Fi Movie

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Yesterday’s Target – Memory loss, separation and assassins threaten three time-travelers with special powers who are stuck in the past.

Stars: Daniel Baldwin, Stacy Haiduk, T.K. Carter, Malcolm McDowell

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In all honesty, this was a great movie. After seeing it, i saw it was from 1996, one of the last great years in movie history. Can’t wait to find more like this on here!

Goes back a few years but it doesn’t matter. The story still works, there’s no need for CGI, and it’s well worth watching.

Wow, who knew LeVar Burton could play a terrific villain?
I had no high hopes for a movie with zero critic reviews and not the best sound track, but wow again, it delivered.

Good movie, great cast! The “wind tunnel” effect in the audio was not too distracting. There is a movie with a similar story called “Push”, done more recently. Now I want to watch that one, if I can find my dvd.

Great movie…love the 90’s movie,bring back lot of memorys….love Stacy Haiduk, she is mixed…thanks for sharing

Simple easy to follow. Enjoyed it

Sound is too low and grainy in some parts. Otherwise, a pretty good movie.

Pretty good flick! Thumbs up!

Great movie!

Well would you look at that…..A Baldwin that can use a gun and not kill someone.

What I wonder about is … How does Paul “heal” so fast … first, he gets something in his leg and the girl removes it … then, he’s up and walking around in minutes (movie minutes, lol) ??? then, he gets shot and has a procedure to get the bullet out … then, he’s up and walking around in minutes ???

Thank you ,for this movie.verry nice.

finally – no cliche …

Sci-Woo is not Sci-Fi, it’s fantasy, like superhero movies.

may we have captions im getting old and hearing less cool idea for movie thank you writers

Cool movie

All english movies subtitles please whenever uploaded. thnks

Good movie

Geordi La Forge and Soran working together!!

Not bad, but not great. I liked it.