Yung Bleu – You’re Mines Still

Yung Bleu – You’re Mines Still (feat. Drake) [Official Video]

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The song will repeat

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what’s your favorite moment in the video? 🤔😏

Most relatable song ever.

To anyone out there hurting, someone recently told me: “you can always have feelings for a person, but remember a relationship is more than just feelings”.

“Ashamed of telling my friends how much I do for you cause I know you’ll never do the same for me”

U know he is actually a good artist when the video simple classy with no ass shaking and still has theses views and likes. It’s a good song

Can only imagine how nostalgic this will be 10 years from now

This song was written for the guys who like to keep their exes emotionally attached so that they can’t move on. They never plan on changing their ways or actually committing.They just like saving their exes for later.