Dawn Road Fog Landscape Trees Nature Field

Dawn Road Fog Landscape Trees Nature Field

Virtual Walk through a Tropical Forest – 4K Virtual Hike with Nature Sounds

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About Video:

Today is going to be a wonderful day for you! Our video in 4K will bring you to the tropical forest. At every corner of this place, you will feel a frisson of joy and relaxation. The forest features amazing giant trees and a lush greenery! Tall, deciduous trees are the dominant plants here. You will see lots of palm trees, bamboos and more. The forest is a haven for many unique bird species so a pleasant birds singing will accompany you throughout the journey! Sun rays are trying to penetrate through the trees. It’s a true paradise on earth. This 1-hour walk will bring harmony into your day. Each breath here is like water, fresh and clean, flowing freely into your lungs. Turn your TV on and open a virtual window to this fascinating place!

Video Fron: Maui Island, Hawaii
Video resolution: 4K Ultra HD
Equipment used: Panasonic Gh5s
Video type: walking tour
Filmmakers: Roman Khomlyak
Editor: Liubomyr Lenyshyn
Special THANKS to our professional filmmakers and editors for their fascinating, creative, hard and challenging work.

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3 reasons to enjoy walking tour
– enjoy the relaxing nature scenes and sounds and calm your mind.
– It’s great for inspiration and relaxation purposes
– Feel the atmosphere of this tropical forest and enjoy the natural scenery in 4K.

How could you not love the forest so much? In the woods, you breathe in all the expandable ways: in the lungs, in the brain, in the soul. In the forest, you can feel an affinity with the flora, an ancient soul that reaches out to all living things.