Tom Odell – Best Day Of My Life Lyrics

Tom Odell – Best Day Of My Life [Official Music Video]

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I think today is the best day of my life
Gonna rent a bicycle and ride
around the city, around the city from 9 til 5.

I think today is the best day of my life
Fuk thinking about the future all the time
If I’m alone, if I’m alone then I dont mind

Movie stars in black and white pictures,
Warm beer and valium mixtures
Am in a dream?
Crazy as it seems..

I think today is the best day of my life
Saw a billboard, it said something like
Everything, everything is gonna be alright.

I think today is the best day of my life,
My girlfriend looked worried and asked me ‘Why?’,
But I dunno, I dunno so I didn’t reply..

Laying on the car,
You’ve got stars,
I’ve got scars,
They don’t see..

I think today is the best day of my life,
Last night all I wanted to do was die,
But right now im just happy to be alive…

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i’ve been listening to your music for nine years, i was thirteen at the time. i’m 21 and soon to be 22, time flies. i was counting days till the release of this song, and i am not disappointed. i find comfort, peace, and joy listening to it, and for that, saying thank you won’t be enough to tell you how grateful i am to you for reminding me to enjoy today.

This song is so beautiful. Instead of dwelling on the bad things in life all the time you can always try and look at the good things going on in your life sometimes and cherish those things. It doesn’t mean that you always have to be optimistic or that you have to always be happy, but sometimes it’s healthy to see the light in the dark times and be grateful for the things you have.

I feel nostalgic, this part “Last night all I wanted to do was die”, You give me a little hope to be alive, I know everything’s gonna be fine.

It’s a real masterpiece, the best song I’ve heard this year! It really helps and cheers up during this hard time in Ukraine, my country! Thanks a million for your support and understanding ! Your a warm-hearted and kind person! 💙💛🇺🇦

I am soo excited! This is going to be great, I am already listening the short on loop♡

This song reminds me of the me one year ago, crying about and being stuck in a very difficult situation in my life. Now, one year later, I survived it and I‘m just happy with me. 💓

tom‘s songs helped me through my darkest times and i honestly don‘t want to imagine where i‘d be without his songs. now that i finally feel like everything’s getting better now, this song arrived at the perfect time. thank you for this masterpiece🤎