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A group of troubled rich kids are sent by their frustrated parents to a tough-love wilderness school which is then taken over by a gang of mercenaries.

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People can really change and indeed change the world.
I love the movie 💯🔥🔥

That was actually a great movie! A LOT better than I thought it would be!

Anyway, in my opinion, this production was SUPERB!!!!!! It would rate a 10-10 for me. And the acting was excellent!!! I mean for ALL the actors/actresses!!!!! The tension… the drama… the emotion. There weren’t even any points of “releif” throughout the whole movie! The suspense and intensity just KEPT building. I’d REALLY like to see more WELL produced movies like this!!!! Thank y’all for the upload of this one!!!!!

Superb ending though a little slow at times, as hostage situations usually are.Evil didn’t triumph and the wayward rich brood were shaken awake to the real life!

Was not expecting much but this movie surprised me, it held my attention throughout, the acting was pretty good, and lots of action. I recommend it.

Great movie And great lessons to learn from the children of rich parents

Better than I expected! Thanks for the upload ✅

Moral in life not only for children but likewise to the parents its a nice lesson story love it 😍

Great move love the cast and the story

Very nice movie…worth to watch til the end

No regrets spending my time watching this movie. Good job!

Amazing movie. Good story line! 10/10. Must watch! Watching from DC USA.

I feel it’s weird to hijack sons and daughters of rich people all the time with a hope from others to ask Ransom from them. It’s much more vital for everyone to get work and live life reasonably other than getting involved in suspicious activities well depicted in this tremendous movie, trust me have been so moved by this all the way especially even with the way things ended for everyone…a thing that has prompted me to remember Whitney Houston,” singing didn’t we all most have it all…??? Well done guys!!! Hee thank you so much for posting this it was really worthy watching and my Time💋💋💋💋💪💪✍️✍️

Father wanted son to change to be someone good , but he did not only change but find wife who gonna make him be come someone for all his life….what a great movie.

What a beautiful ending live the movie, thanks for uploading