DDG – Ye Vs. Skete “Freestyle”

DDG – Ye Vs. Skete “Freestyle” (Official Music Video)

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The song will repeat

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dropping every week STRICTLY for the fans. Love yall <3 shall i continue?

The fact this man music is better than his YouTube videos are ridiculous 🔥😂

This man will hit the charts fosho ao proud of what he achieved, keep the grind up gang 💪💯

i honestly respect DDG’s grind and hustle. When he say he gon do something big, he puts his mind to it and does it.


DDG is back at it again, blessing us with another hit. It feels like DDG is on album mode with all the latest songs he’s been dropping. 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯!

This is crazy DDG is going crazy this year can’t wait for more heat.🔥🔥🔥

Can’t wait for the growth into relationship bars. That’s the next step. Especially when you got a bad 1 🔥🔥🔥

I appreciate the dedication and showing us what it takes to be the best ❤💯💪🏾

This shit mad inspiring. Went from freestyling in his i8 with the homies to everything he’s bragging bout rn. Never settle y’all

We really watched this dude for years turn into a superstar bro music is so much better and I’m proud. Glad u got a chance. Yo music sound good DDG, frfr keep it up and don’t let the media drag u down ever fool 🔥🔥

DDG has come into his own. I love listening to music from artists that know who they are and are comfortable in they own skin. It just hits different cause you know they know…..it’s not no gimmick

He dropped once again no promo, no industry push watch it hit trending page 😂🔥🔥bro gone do it again next Friday too 🐐

people need to start respecting this man’s ability. another fire track

If DDG had a “freestyle” album with all of his freestyles that’d be crazy