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Very entertaining very vivacious seductive beauties few young studs wanting to forcefully take a young girl waiting at bus station whereas big sister rescues her and kicks ass to thugs. Lots of good rave tunes and sexy moves, not gonna divulge plot or any further info, gotta see to enjoy…………………

I saw this movie so many years ago. So happy I found it again. I do love this movie.

i love this movie almost more than anything. its one of the best movies ever.

Interesting movie, I like the way it ended with the 2 sisters, their friend and the guy. Hoping for a part 2 spinoff.

I saw this movie a couple years back and recently couldn’t remember the name of it until today. I’m glad I remembered it was starting to bother me.
I think it was a fairly good movie, I personally think they should make a second one but that’s just me.

Anyone know where I can find the songs from this movie I love them both? I’m a huge metal head and I’ve always been obsessed with this soundtrack.

Definitely a movie for teenage girls.

Hey I think you really got something going here. Great work!

Note how this was originally shot in full frame 4:3 and on the DVD artificially stretched out to 16:9. This version restores the aspect ratio but hacks off the top and bottom to make it look 16:9.

First saw this back in 2005 on Space channel. Haven’t seen it since.
Classic Canadian movie. With the classic hip hop group Swollen Members. Can’t get more Canadian then that.

Now that my (FRIENDS) was a Vampire movie I seen a lot of Vamp movies but you guys made one hell of a kick ass Vampire movie.. Your vamps were as SWEET as your movie!! You dudes are tits!!! Can I say that??lol

love the part when ashley being turned to vampire

Actually it’s Thalls. Finally found it, made in 2005, the DVD cover says Blood Angels which is why it was so hard to find.

I have never seen bloody angels when i was 4years old and i love it so much.😍😍😍

very good movie omg this movie gets a rating of 1000 stars from me


These young, sexy half-vampire women can’t fly or make humans into vampires but they can still suck blood, move super fast and kick some butt. If they can summon the spirit of Belial they can redeem their full vampire powers and finally kill their seductive master (Lorenzo Lamas). On one horrific night these angels will battle the forces of Evil to be free, free at last. The suspense, hilarity and seduction will keep you sucked in ’till the bittersweet, enthralling end! With Shawn Roberts (X-Men)

Directed by Ron Oliver, 2005

Starring Lorenzo Lamas, Leah Cairns, Siri Baruc