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The G Word with Adam Conover is a hybrid comedy-documentary series that pulls back the curtain on the surprising ways the US government impacts our everyday lives, from the mundane to the life changing. With his signature blend of irreverence and insight, Conover explores the government’s triumphs, failures, and what we might be able to do to change it. The G Word with Adam Conover is produced by Higher Ground alongside Adam Conover, Jon Cohen, and Jon Wolf of Fair Point.

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Always been a fan of Adam! So happy to see him back doing something new. I still miss Adam Ruins Everything. Love his comedic yet serious takes.

My university orchestra is in this!! Most exciting day of all of our lives (especially our conductor) was having Adam come and film with us 😂

Love comedic view of problematic issues (Last Week Tonight, Patriotic Act, Ruins Everything), wish we had that in Canada. Somewhat feels weird not to have the Ruins Everything persona, but nice seeing some iconic actors from the series.

When the world needed him most, he returned!

Omg. I just google Adam after a long time. Glad to see him still doing exposing style documentaries and being successful. Can’t wait for this one.

I hope more of the College Humor cast make an appearance in this.

I love him and bringing a comedic aspect to such an important topic is a great way to educate others. Can’t wait for this 🙏🏽

I love the trailer. I can’t wait to see the documentary. Congratulations Adam.

Adam still looks silly from that humiliation attack that he had on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Great, I am so glad Adam got a new show and its international now so I, in Ireland can watch it. Yay!!!!