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NEW GOLD MOUNTAIN Trailer (2022) Western, Drama Series

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NEW GOLD MOUNTAIN Trailer (2022) Alyssa Sutherland, Western, Drama Series
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Really good series, watched it when it first premiered. Very intriguing and fascinating how they portrayed the rarely explored hardships and conflicts between the Chinese immigrant gold miners against the locals, and much more.

Damn! This looks great! There aren’t enough period dramas about us Aussies!

When is it premiering? Is it only in theaters? Or a streaming service?

Looks interesting.

So, in the 19th century, the Chinese were ‘Shanghaied ‘ to work on the US Railroads, and Australian Gold Rush…?

Why is it so hard to find out where you can watch this in America?

Come on Mate, not even a single famous actor??

A film without capes or powers, cgi or me too agenda, but its a series so I won’t waste my time with it…..

New movie cinmas soon