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Channeling (Blood Shot) | Full Action Sci-Fi Movie

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In the near future, everything can be broadcast online. When you’re vying for viewers and ratings how far will you go to beat the competition? Soldier Wyatt Maddox rushes home to his little brother’s funeral, only to find his death was not as straight forward as the police would like. Taking it upon himself and with the help of Tara, his brother’s online partner-in-crime, he slips in the eye-cam and sets out to solve the mystery. Little does he know how insidious the business really is.
2013. Stars: Taylor Handley, Kate French, Skyler Day
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Saw this movie about two years ago, but I figured it was well worth watching again!

This was a super dope movie to watch . Loved the concept..we are all addicts of this shit

That was a damn good movie. Watch whatcha say in front of mirrors!!!

Great movie 🎥, cast, story, acting, music and direction, came with an action packed gem folks! Thanks for sharing 👍👍👍

There’s a message woven into the plot, that says something about who we are today…

Very good. Well imagined what the social change of the technology could lead to. Well acted.