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Viking Blood | Full Action Movie

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Viking Blood (2019). Full action movie.

A viking mercenary finds himself in the middle of a battle between the old gods and the new. He decides that neither side deserves to win.

Director: Uri L. Schwarz
Cast: Karen Margrethe Gotfredsen, Robert Follin, Mia Lerdam

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I freaking love the main character in this movie and the actor he did such a good job 💯🤗

I AGREE WITH THIS mercenary; neither sides deserves to win.

Great movie.Story. Well done all involved.

this is my best rythim of a movie at the moment. Thank you for this excellent piece👌

This movie are great story. the Stranger help to Freya tie in a cross tree he safe her and the priests Edwin in the village the blacksmith help the stranger killed the wife of the LORD the wrong god Freya and the priests escape but sadden both are lost of lord wife The stranger defeated the wrong lord who killed his father’s king WOW! Interesting movie to watch Thanks the uploading

WOW. I think the STRANGER might end up becoming a Christian. I saw the way he was washing his hands and to me I got this really Biblical like feeling when he does this.

A little slice of Clint Eastwood’s western music at the end…I enjoyed this movie.

Good movie, pleasantly surprised