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The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On | Official Trailer | Netflix

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Six couples on the verge of marriage enter the ultimate test of their relationship. Now it’s time to make a choice– Marry or move on? From the creators of Love Is Blind, The Ultimatum comes to Netflix on April 6th.

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If you have to give them an ultimatum to marry you, just leave them lmao. If they know you want marriage and it’s been a while and they aren’t even talking about the prospect then they (a) don’t want to get married or (b) don’t want to marry you. you deserve better so just move on 🙂

Ultimatums are the worst, just realize that the person does not value the same things and move on to someone who does. No matter what you lose in these types of relationships.

This is not gonna go well…. Let me set my reminder

Looks way better than I expected

This shit is ass, can’t wait to watch it

At least Netflix keeps raising their prices for quality content

This is similar to Temptation Island. Just with one person for a longer period of time

Where Do these shows find actual people who will do this? My first assumption is none of these people should be together if for no other reason that they want to participate in this dubious exploitive experiment

I cannot waittttt for it to be released 😍

i dont watch this show usualy but this looks cool