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Captured (2015). Full thriller movie.

In Hong Kong, suspicion surrounds an ex-psychiatrist turned photographer when he takes an abused woman on an emotional journey giving police little time to investigate missing women from his last exhibition.

Director: Ravi Sewpersadh
Cast: Cherise Biagio, Craig Frost, Bradley McCall-Peat

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Although no Oscar winner, this movie has several excellent elements. There is a certain innocent attention to detail, clear effort for consistency and flow in the plot. The plot in itself is refreshing. South African accent so sweet and exotic to my european ears πŸ’–. Definitely seen MUCH worse on netflix. Thanks for sharing. BTW- adblock does work 😜

Doesn’t matter if you can cover more ground, or whatever, in a horror movie you should never split up. 😎

Amature in essence. however, this film is very good. The immaturity of male classmates actors was as pure and immature as it gets. The plot was great. All in all, it was a good film. I give it about 4 stars out of 5. Bravo.

Buena pelΓ­cula, pese a ser de poco presupuesto

What an abrupt disappointing ending.. Thought I’d see the massive police manhunt capture the wanted professor.. the big question mark at ‘The End ??’ sums it up well

Okay, so IF you can make it through the first fifteen minutes with so many ads (they DO stop,) AND the bad acting with everyone who has anything to do with the police department, the students are bearable and it’s actually a good plot. I’ve definitely seen worse but this one, at least, is interesting…IMHO. Good luck!


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