Carla – Bim Bam toi

Carla – Bim Bam toi (Clip Officiel)

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The song will repeat

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wow salut, je suis vraiment anglais, j’utilise un traducteur, votre musique est très bonne, continuez comme ça !

I love how the english subtitles are legit “(SINGING IN FRENCH)” like thanks Sherlock I thought she was singing in Spanish

The subtitles are so helpful. I don’t know what I would’ve done without them.

as a foreign languages major, I gotta admit that translation is such a hard task!!! and the subtitles’ translation is just perfect. they should give the translator a raise

The lyrics in the subtitles are so touching. I didn’t know this song was that deep.

Thanks to the subtitles, without them I would never have understood the meaning of the hey song. These are the best subtitles I’ve seen!

Never thought I’d enjoy a French song, extremely well done subtitles btw

Песня очень понравилось! Всегда поднимает настроение!