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Love on the Spectrum U.S. | Official Trailer | Netflix

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This insightful and warm hearted docuseries follows autistic people as they navigate the world of dating and relationships.

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ABBEY!!!!! I literally have chills. So happy to see Abbey on this show!

So excited for Abbey’s journey. She deserves the world!

Dude I’m so excited to watch this just for Abbey

This seems like the perfect light change in pace to unwind to. Definitely interested in giving this a try ☺️

ABBEY!! I’m so excited to see her on the show!

Happy to see Rachel on another show. She’s so sweet and funny.

I am so excited that Kaelynn is a part of this show! She has worked so hard to overcome so much! When she was first diagnosed years ago, the future looked very bleak for her. Today she is living on her own, working as a beloved therapist for ASD children, changing lives and hoping one day to find a special person to share hers with! Wishing all good things to her and all the participants of this new season of Love on the Spectrum! ❤️

OMG I love this show, since I was attacked in my sleep in “2009” and my skull was crushed, I understand the love we all need ab want to feel.🙏🏽💕

So excited to see Kaelynn on this show!! She is so sweet, cute, and really funny!! As the mom of a son on the spectrum, I know very well how challenging finding close connections, not to mention true love, can be!! New to this show, but can’t wait to see it!