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Dandar was one of the commanders in a horse battalion in Mongolian army during Khalkhiin Gol Battle against Japan’s Imperial Army. Due to personal jealousy of an investigating officer Dandar was persecuted for treason and served rest of his life in war camp alone with the very enemies he fought to protect his country.

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Очень неплохо, как на зарождающийся национальный кинематограф. Но есть над чем поработать. Батальные сцены вышли слабо. Не нужно пытаться запихнуть в камеру как можно больше японских солдат , они в атаку ходили редкой цепью. За те же деньги и с той же масовкой можно было изобразить все более реалистично. Ну и персонажи напряжены когда говорят свои реплики. Удачи монголам.

Thank you for the download and sharing the story. Jealousy equals cowardice it’s everywhere, in my days have learned trust no one.

This ain’t Jet Li warlords!!! This is Jet Flee!!

Could have been done a lot better than it was. Good story. krappy filmmakers.

the great action movie

Great horses, guns, swords, action, actors and scenery! Wish I lived in Mongolia! Great flick!

Nevertheless, I have just finished watching this movie in which it was funniest that Mongolian cavalry with swords attacked enemies in the 20th century .

This is ,great history much of us north Americans haven,t heard of or seen much of..

Агрессия Японии – это, конечно, плохо. А вот то, что Монголия была коммунистической страной, со своими политическими репрессиями, – это еще хуже. Копировали сталинский СССР. Монголия – не заграница.

salamat at meron na nito ganda ng story

It could be better to use the original voice with English subtitle.

I love this kind of movies

i got really angry with that commisar, always accusing people of things they were not guilty of

People who hang photos of Joseph Stalin in their tents are not on the side of niceness and goodness. 😐😐😐

Bring a knife to a gun fight….lol

World of jealousy. Evil eyes caught popularity n fame

This film seems to be combat between Japan and Soviet Union in Mongolia in1939 ,which is not exciting .

It is a very funny movie

It’s “cavalry.” Calvary is a hill I think in Jerusalem.

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