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Love Surreal (2015) | Full Movie | Shiri Appleby | Nick Zano | Alexandra Holden | Orlando Seale

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For art student Abby (Shiri Appleby), campus life is perfectly swell, including her boyfriend Sy. He’s been Abby’s dream guy forever, but she’s about to get a wake-up call — Quinn (Nick Zano), a fun-loving charmer who knows nothing about art until Abby reluctantly tutors him. And as his winsome personality starts winning her over, she finds herself in the middle of a love triangle. Who will she choose? Her oh-so-perfect — but imaginary boyfriend or this flesh-and-blood reality?

Director: Ryan Little
Writers: Steven A. Lee, Kevin Lawrence King
Starring: Shiri Appleby, Nick Zano, Alexandra Holden, Orlando Seale, Will Friedle

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I can’t think of a greater love story than this. It is simply great. This is just fantastic. The story, the acting, the characters, everything just click.

This is a beautiful movie, just what we all need whilst our whole world is gripped by this pandemic. Something sweet that we can lose ourselves in. Thank you for uploading this xx ♡

I’m not a young woman but I loved this movie. Don’t we all want the perfect boyfriend? I never thought of creating my perfect somebody though. Maybe I should have. Lol

33:41 !! It hit me hard! I am crying! this movie just made me cry!! good one really good!! sometimes lonely people do make up imaginary friends! and it is so well shown in this movie, the element of surprise , the unconventionality of it all! sometimes the people who look normal are the ones with the most unusual stories ever! good job!!!!

This is the first movie I’ve ever written down the title so that I can make sure I watch it again. I loved everything about it! Way to go!

I saw this movie for the first time in 2011 after Thanksgiving dinner, today (10 years later) I tried pretty hard to remember the title of this film to watch it again… happy Thanksgiving 🍂🦃

Why do I love this movie that much?.. the actors the soundtrack the story.. oh my I watched it several times and I still hook to it.. I know it may sounds funny coz Im not as young as the characters did..