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Beautiful Beast (2013) | Full Movie | Shona Kay | Brad Johnson | Melanie Gardner

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In a twist on the classic Beauty and the Beast tale, Isabelle is all beauty on the outside. A glamour-queen socialite, she spends her days spoiling herself and spending money like it s going out of style. When Isabelle injures herself and gets lost in an isolated winterland, she stumbles on the solitude of Jeremy, a man hiding from both the world and his past. He s the first person to put Isabelle in her place, and Isabelle realizes she might be more beast than she wants to admit. Through Jeremy’s influence, she begins to change and fall in love. But will she revert to the beast and give up her chance at real love when she returns home?

Director: Bryan Carzan
Writer: Brit Colzeyo
Starring: Shona Kay, Brad Johnson, Melanie Gardner

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I loved the moral, the ethics, the behaviors, and the wisdoms that all the actors- actress shared in this movie. It was very clean movie, not toxic to Brian or soul, no violence or sex. I got a lot of wisdom from it.

I’ve watched this movie multiple times and I can’t get enough of it. In as much as she’s spoilt by her uncle, the man was quick to spot her softness and was ready her to grow into her new self. Very beautiful movie. Money can buy you everything but not someone genuine to complete your other self.

A must watch movie. I love the British accent of Isabel and Jeremy was damn so cool. I totally loved it. Moral lesson from this movie is that God can forgive even the worst person who comes to him and asks for forgiveness.

“…but if God could forgive me I should be able to forgive myself.” A truly heart-warming transformation in two young lives that were just wasting away until they collided & began to tear away the sham in each other’s lives, & then saw how much they needed each other. Modern fairy tale but beautiful & true!

So nice to watch a movie with no violence, language or sex. Just a good decent story.

Oh God I’m so touched by this movie. Its the sweet change in Isabel and Uncle’s love that has melted my heart

To be honest this movie would be the best one I watched so far, and the story behind it is amazing. It shows you how you could have everything and still not be happy then having one thing could change that. I really do recommended to watch.

I cannot believe how fantastically great this movie turned out to be, like seriously. I never thought I could actually be into a movie like this at all. Turns out I actually liked it and I went out and bought the dvd the next day.
I wish that Trinity broadcast network would show a lot more movies like this, matter of fact I wish they would start showing movies again but for some reason they stop

So so good… I am glad to watch this movie, anyone searching for a comment to decide whether to watch or not then watch it without hesitation because it’s clean, sweet and an interesting story. Totally loved it

Loved this movie. Watching without interruption were great, no ads, no nothing but watching continuously.
Kudos to the owner who uploaded this movie.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It was more enjoyable than many similar Hollywood offerings. A huge thumbs up.

If u re not patient enough u will misjudge this movie, such an amazing story with good characters.. Love the lessons it portrays..

A great movie😍 love it! Shes lucky shes lost out of nowhere and found someone shed value. Most of all she learned something good.

who else reading comments first before watching? Well, don’t hesitate to watch. it’s a very good movie. I love to watch over and over again!!! 🧡🧡

Loved it.
I did never expect the movie would turn out so good , with a moral for life. I’m glad the both of the girls never gave up to stay in touch. Although Isabelle’s good real GF Catherine could have been more injured or killed by animal, she just left her alone in the wild.
But if we see the consequences of this bad/difficult/dangerous situation it was a life lesson. Now also her Uncle can be happy about Isabelle. Her Uncle’s a real nice and affectionate father.
Had to cry.
I want a man like that + a GF too 😥🙂

👍👌👏 Oh WOW, what a simply fantastic movie! Thanks a lot for uploading and sharing this wonderful ‘dream come true and happy ending” story. I loved it. It was so refreshing that there was none of the meanwhile common swearing/cussing respectively using f- words all the time (even for good things). All actors had clear voices and could be easily understood. I really wonder if this is an US American movie.
Best regards, luck and health.

Love this… Wanted to see more of the changes she would have made with her life and love to see her be part of the company hehe ❤️❤️❤️

That is such a lovely film. I’m so glad I watched it. Thankyou. No sex, no violence,no swearing. Just a plain film with magic right to the end. Thankyou again.

Such a beautiful heart touching movie.
Yes, though that icy place was so rough, dangerous.
But it had peace there.
That house in the middle of nowhere is amazing.
Such a beautiful, peaceful house. Environment.
I wish I find such a beautiful house with peace 😭
Peace, good health, love, care, understanding, affection are the most important things in this life / world.

Lovely of my favorites. I keep watching it over and over and I doubt I’m going to stop anytime soon.. I love this movie..storyline is beautiful.

I have watched this movie numerous times and loved it – clever story and script, great actors. As I do often, I researched the actors to see what else they had done, and found that Brad Johnson (Jeremy) had died only two weeks beforehand, in February, apparently from Covid. He was only 62. Since I’m in my seventies, I was so sad, for him, for his family and oddly enough, for myself. Weird, that last bit; maybe its age, Covid, and loneliness, that drives me to live vicariously, through Youtube movies. I guess I’m not alone in that…

So many elements of this movie are refreshing!👌🤗🥰 Isabel’s caretakers (esp her Uncle) really cared for her unlike in movies where there is a negative character blah blah.. Really nice movie! Refreshing!❤️