My Guardian Angel | Full Horror Movie

My Guardian Angel | Full Horror Movie

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The Lost Patrol (2013). Full action movie.

Brazil was the only country that sent Latin American troops to World War II. The unusual meeting between three deserters from different nationalities. It all begins with four soldiers from a bomb squad of the Brazilian army experiencing a panic attack. They flee from the front and at dawn they are lost in no man’s land. Desperate and unprepared, these Brazilian soldiers must choose between the enemy or court martial.

Director: Vicente Ferraz
Cast: Daniel de Oliveira, Thogun Teixeira, Francisco Gaspar

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Magnifica pelicula que guarda el testimonio de los soldados brasileños durante la Segunda Guerra Mundia. Pelicula realista. sin tintes de grandeza. Un documento historico a guardar.

Pero que gran película.. historia de la que se necesita conocer en Latinoamérica!!,…. Brasil y su gente poniendo el pecho a las balas .

A Estrada 47. It is the first fiction film and the best film about the FEB – Brazilian Expeditionary Force in Italy. I am Brazilian and I am the son of a veteran. Thanks for posting the movie.

Interesting production. During WWII, the American GIs habitually called the German soldiers “Krauts”; not Germans. Also, partly due to racial bias then, there were less cases of Afro-American GIs commanding Caucasion GIs. More of them commanded their own ethnicity.

I set out to watch this movie because I love history. What I DO NOT love is watching commercials which take up more time than the actual movie.

That guy chose one helluva time to admire the artwork when they didn’t know who was in the next room

That was a great movie thanks !

There’s someone in the house, the room has not being cleared and the soldier that’s supposed to cover his battle buddy is watching the painting on the ceiling?! They didn’t even noticed that there was a dead body covered with a coat, and didn’t checked the identity of the the body under the coat or if it was a bait for boobytraps. Plus they are way too noisy in everything.