Beyond Watch Full Movie – Sci Fi Apocalypse Survival

Beyond (Full Movie) Sci Fi Apocalypse Survival

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A suspenseful sci-fi journey tracking the turbulent relationship of Cole and Maya as they struggle to survive in a world where the human population has been left decimated after an extra-terrestrial attack.

Directed by Joseph Baker, Tom Large
Starring Richard J. Danum, Gillian MacGregor, Paul Brannigan
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That was spellbinding with a dumbfounding ending… So much goes on I almost want to watch it again just to make sure I was following … Fascinating…

What a great film. Some of the most well crafted monologues and dialogue I’ve heard in a long, long time. The scene in the woods eating the babyfood was truly inspired. Incredible performances by both leads. Well done. 🙂

Excellent movie that actually makes you think and doesn’t spoon feed you the story line. Well worth the watch.

That was really good. I think the dislikes were a lot from how darkly the story is and how the relationship in the beyond was so dysfunctional. I love the metaphor of healing oneself in a on the brink moment.

This movie was beautifully heartbreaking. Dont waste your time and never take love for granted.

Not the first movie I have seen with this type of story line, but nice job! I like how we don’t just get spoon fed a story, but have to think our way through. And the conclusion where the audience starts getting hints as to what is really happening!

THIS FILM IS BRILLIANT!!!! The acting is excellent. The movie was flashing Forward and not backwards as films usually do. You don’t realize it while you are watching. Also, the flash forwards are nothing but an illusion. It is a representation of the main characters fears of his inability to provide for his wife and daughter. The asteroid never hits the earth- there are no alien. I was just as confused as most others in the comments. I read the Wiki explanation of the movie and holy shit! It’s brilliant. Do yourself a favor and read it to make sense of it all!

THIS is one of those movies you watch all the way to the end and then ask yourself, “WHY did I just watch that?”

Excellent film! Thank you for uploading this. Makes a person think and wonder “what is real and what is fake?” Don’t know who wrote this flick but it’s great!

Really great movie! Loved the ending!

You guys are my favorite critiques.
Even when you’re being brutally honest..its humorous.
You don’t know how handy that comes in sometimes.

This is the saddest post apocalyptic movie I’ve ever seen.

Fantastic movie! This is definitely one for only the intellectuals to fully comprehend

Really enjoyed it, it was more an introspective character development – and the acting was excellent. Intelligent script. Scifi aspect seemed incidental.

I love this movie, at first by all the trailers it seemed like your skyline type alien invasion movie, but the i watched it and just scene after scene of whats happening now to what happened a few weeks/months before, and the ending was just a mindfuck that made a lot of sense as to what happened. Watching it a second time knowing what happens in the end is a much more interesting watch

I found the start and character development good. I was not expecting mindless Hollywood special effects but a few scenes on the actual invasion to link up past and present would of made this movie more interesting for me.Thanks for the upload was a good filler on a sleepless night.

As already said, the opening scene was intense, the rest was unintetesting

I’m glad I stumbled across this. Came for the post-apocalyptic, stayed for the rest of it.