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AE Apocalypse Earth – When the Earth is attacked by alien forces, a mass evacuation leads to a small group of survivors crash landing on a planet inhabited by cloaked figures. To get off the doomed planet a green-skinned humanoid girls reckons a downed spaceship will do the trick.
2013. Stars: Adrian Paul, Richard Grieco, Bali Rodriguez

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As a Sci-Fi fan there were some glaringly bad plot holes/storyline inconsistencies but all in all this was still better than some of the bigger budget movies I have seen.

9 out of 10 family friendly movie rating. Great plot, good acting, great nature scenery.

Great film. As Adrian Paul said, There is no place like home. Just as there can be only one and once again it is the Highlander. A good actor who makes entertaining films!

This was a pretty good science fiction film. I must say I enjoyed it. Thank you.

A unique low-budget but really nice sci-fi movie with a lot of twists and turns and surprise ending

Much better than I was expecting. Well done.

DARN! This movie is far better at the beginning than I thought it would be. Now, let’s watch the rest.

Much to my surprise and delight this was a darned good film. I’m not going to say more so as not to give anything away, but the ending was totally unexpected and terrific.

I loved it. No stupid B movie mistakes that are always so predictable ! So many movies (especially Avatar) are represented in here. Planet of the Apes was also a heavy influence. Then, there is this movie where a space ship is taking humans to a new planet, but their ship has some nasty aliens aboard it. In the end, they realize they are already at their destination, so they use the escape pods to reach the surface (they’re ship is under water). Can’t remember the name of that movie, but I seen it some time ago ! (years) It’s now on youtube … I’m sure I could name others after thinking about it, but I don’t have the time tonight…

That fight to kill the dragon was truly harrowing. I held my breath through the whole thing and accidentally achieved auto-erotic asphyxiation. What an amazing reality we inhabit.

I have just watched it for the second time. It is a good film. It is an escape from Earth to a similar one. There is action all the time. The jungle girl is cute and brings romance into the film. By the end the numbers have become less. Lots of good script ideas and the special effects are good. Worth watching right to the very end. This film borrows ideas from just about everywhere; star trek, lost in space to name a few.

Loved it and I saw it before. I remembered after awhile. Lovely to have seen Adrian Paul again.

Loved it, really great movie!!!

This is a Really Good Movie! Love it! The end is just awesome!

This was a heart-rending vision of a future for Earth that we should pray never comes to pass. My immersion in this feature length film was so complete I almost believed myself to have been transported forward in time to a documentary on BBC 2100.

Very well-made I enjoyed it very much and the ending did not expect that kudos

I like how the spaceship they found looked like an old aircraft fuselage on the inside, and the unfinished drywall was a nice touch.

Adrian Paul still looks good, like an immortal. Cool show. Thanks for sharing.

Apart from the CGI, it was worth a watch. There was atleast acting. Mcloud and 21 Jump Street guy carried the movie well. I had a lump in my throat in the end😆