THE RED GHOST – Watch Movie Trailer (2022)

THE RED GHOST Trailer (2022)

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Release: 8 Mar 2022

December 30, 1941. Vyazma (‘Vyazemsky cauldron’) is a small detachment of Soviet soldiers, by fatal coincidence, in an unequal battle with a special unit of the Wehrmacht. However, none of them think about giving up. Each of them was ready to sacrifice his life in order to protect his native land. None of these brave people was born a hero. The myth of the red ghost is a heroic deed without a soldier’s Soviet soldier in the Great Patriotic War who instilled in the animals, deadly fear of German soldiers. In place of one of the dead hero was inserted another, and the born myth of the invincible Soviet soldier. The film ‘The Red Ghost’ is about the hope that each soldier will have.

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Russian films are about as subtle as a sledgehammer.

Looks great

I was almost expecting the Marvel villain named “Red Ghost” 🔺️👻

The English dub is very poor. I would rather watch the Russian version with subtitles.

No. I’ve heard of the pirate sniper who captured a whole city by himself. Where is his movie?

“I already found this movie in that random DVD bin in the middle of the aisle at Walmart next to the rotisserie chickens…”

For some reason I don’t have to open the curtains

Finally something that is NOT Marvel or DC…🤣👌

Was going to buy it ,, not now , Clowns in green

The trailer music basically turned me off to seeing this. Next….

Interesting timing..hmmmm russians vs nazis,…russians vs Ukraine

funny to hear that trailer with american music

I challenge anyone to make sense of the description beyond ‘Soviets fight Germans’.

Based on post Soviet Russian propaganda which to 99% accuracy never happened…🙄

When are we gonna get a 3rd movie of angry birds

Already saw this movie from 2001. It was called “Enemy At The Gates” with Jude Law and Ed Harris…

oh look Russian propaganda movie during Ukraine invasion