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CHA CHA REAL SMOOTH Trailer (2022) Dakota Johnson, Drama Movie

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I love Leslie Mann… there is just something so special and genuine and fun about her. And Dakota Johnson is amazing, too. 🙂

This is what Hollywood looks like when its being original.

this movie looks like it will devastate me and I am so excited

Dakota is getting better and better, this and Persuation will prove it

It’s good to see Dakota in a good movie! I think she’s a great actress. This looks great!

By far my favorite movie from Sundance this year. Spiritually similar to Garden State (the angst, ennui, heartbreak…). I really can’t find the right words. Hit me right in the feels 🥲

Because of the 50SoG everyone seemed to not realize that Dakota is actually a great actress. I hope she will get the recognition she deserves beside being ‘the girl from the bad p0rn movie’

From looking at the name I thought, “I’m not gonna watch this.” but then I was pulled in by the trailer. Now I’m looking forward to it.

the fact that Leslie Mann looks more like the girlfriend than the mother. And her kids in real life are in their twenties I MEAN COME ON

So excited to see another film by Cooper Raiff! He is one of the best rising directors

Are we supposed to believe that 32 year old Dakota Johnson has a daughter this old?

God I’m such a hopeless romantic, my hearts already aching 🥵

Everyone came out of Sundance RAVING about this film!!! I’m so excited!

why is Dakota so out of this world pretty ; one of the many reasons why i wish i aint gay