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Billy the Kid: Showdown in Lincoln County | Full Western Movie

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Billy the Kid: Showdown in Lincoln County (2017). Full western movie.

Billy the Kid, the most iconic outlaw of the old west has become a very skillful gunslinger, but he has developed one major weakness: arrogance. As we move toward one of history’s most famous gunfights, the showdown in Lincoln County, Billy is repeatedly confronted with his own mortality.

Director: Christopher Forbes
Cast: Cody McCarver, Christopher Bowman, William Adams

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Don’t miss. This one of the best Billy the kid films made I don’t understand why all the negative comments this movie is nearly as good as stepping on dog shit

Emilio Estevez owns the role of Billy the kid. You can not replace his acting or what he bought to the role . Young guns one and two are the best portrayal of the kid. Its like trying to refilm rocky without Stallone . Some things are just set in stone . Everything else will be a step down from Estevez and young guns. Both with casting and music . Ill watch this just to roll my eyes .

The kid is like king Kong… can’t make enough versions

well at least the cooks consistent no one else seems to be.

just stopped watching the last days of billy the kid thinking it hookie. home movie. only to watch this one and is same one eyed lilly in this one and again a home movie. i will try and enjoy it. if so might watch the other. 14:55 / 1:20:31

Buena tarde k no le pueden poner títulos en español gracias

You know from the first five minutes this film and many like them on you tube are just low budget CRAP

I stop watching exactly at 2mins 40secs.