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Hot new listing. A fresh set of realtors square off, competing to establish themselves at The Oppenheim Group’s second office on the Orange County coast. Will the pressure prove too much for these agents to handle? Selling The OC hails from the creator and executive producer of Selling Sunset.

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I absolutely love the drama, but there’s no way in real life I’d want these agents selling my home 😬

I love Selling Sunset and Selling Tampa was also fun, not sure about this one though — trailer is way too dramatic, and I typically love drama.

Sooo this one looks like we won’t see a single house being sold just drama lol

I had a feeling when they showed the Orange County office opening that they were going to make another series

Thought this was gonna be a sequel to The O.C at first

Really breaking some new ground with such a drastic tone shift, can’t wait to see how the narratives fit together!

Maybe there’s a place for christine in this new office 😂

This sequel to The OA looks wild.

Netflix has turned into a mix of Bravo, MTV and Lifetime programs…that even those networks didn’t want. 😂

Whoa! This looks like it has so much drama. Is it because they’re younger or maybe they intentionally did those wild stuff so people will talk about them? Anyway, having visited OC in the past and as a real estate broker (equivalent of realtor in the US), I’m interested to see the houses in OC. I just wish there would be some learnings here like in Selling Sunset 😊