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A MOTHER’S FURY Trailer (2022)

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Usually, in indigenous tribes, rites of passage for men would test their skill in some area that is actually useful to the community, like hunting or surviving alone out in the wild or take them through some deep, inner meditation with psychedelics so they face all their inner demons. There is definitely a lack of positive male bonding, male rites of passage rituals guided by older wiser men in modern Western society. Without such things, what we are left with are spaces where spoiled, entitled, privileged psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists get to shine and delight in indoctrinating their future lackies into anti-social, predatory behavior. Many of these empathy deficient fraternity boys will later go on to ruin society by heading up companies and parties that do nothing but corruption, ecocide, theft, and oppression of people. I don’t think the problem is ending fraternities but transforming them to be places of positive male guidance.

really great movie, main actress carried the movie on her shoulders!

I love this actress who plays the mother, ever since I saw her in Men in Black.

Frats can end up being the grossest collection of human beings possible. Their behavior reverts back to childhood. And not the innocent, unaware part of childhood. The “I can knowingly do what I want without consequences” part of childhood. Yuck

If you have to demean yourself to get in, maybe you shouldn’t want to be in with these people?

nice to see this actress get the chance to play an anti-hero or a hero she has played the villain role in every movie that I’ve seen her and The TV series that i have seen her does know her name please tell or us

OMG! I have always LOVED this actress. Feel horrible I can never remember her name. Lol. But am SO looking forward to seeing this with her in the lead…..an ‘Egger-suit

When the law can or refuse to do a thing, parents do something.

For years frat houses were very much in decline, especially in the 1960’s. They became popular again after Animal House.

her husband is clearly pretending not to know what she’s doing