Jason Derulo – Acapulco

Jason Derulo – Acapulco [Official Music Video]

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The song will repeat

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Jason Derulo inspired me to write many songs . This is another big hit song

He’s under rated he deserves so much more credit for his dancing & voice.

This song is SO good. Giving me 2009-2013 vibes and it is SO needed in todays world. Thank you Jason DERUUUULO ❤️❤️

You never disappoint me Jason Derulo 🇧🇼 🇧🇼 (Botswana)

Am jealous of his talent…

You have to admit it, that dance Choreography is on point and sharp!! Big up the choreographers and dancers too good!.

I’ve been here since his first album. He is still underrated especially as a dancer. This coming from a fellow dancer!

Dayummmmmmmmm this song is just perfect…. so catchy…. I can’t get it off my head at all