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THE LOST GIRLS Trailer (2022) Louis Partridge, Peter Pan Movie

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This looks super interesting! I was always very sad they didn’t make a sequel to the mid-2000s live-action so I am actually really up for this. Plus, gotta love a bit of Louis Patridge 😊.

I’d go with Louis Partridge no matter how suspicious he’ll be. Snatch me away boi!!!! hahahahaha

I might have been willing to give it a go if Young Wendy’s wig wasn’t so bad, but with that said, the visual completely halted my ability to “willingly suspend disbelief” to enjoy this film 😂

Modest budget by Hollywood standards but I’m sure it’ll pack an emotional punch. The cast are in it for the acting. They know it’s not Avatar 2.

The budget … also why is Hook kissing older Wendy’s neck wtf 😭 a lot of questions I mean I’m excited to understand the plot better but this movie seems slightly odd

This looks really interesting! Love to see more original stories in movies!


I think this could have been an interesting and a bit more realistic approach, but the bad wig, the bad cgi flying and hocks hand just is too much…