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When a big-city blonde bombshell rolls into the small town of Squamish she throws the entire male population into an uproar. By unexpectedly making Eve, a waitress in a local diner, the center of attention, this sexy stranger will disrupt her plans to win the heart of the most eligible bachelor in town. This charming comedy is full of lust and laughs with a little Love on the Side.

Directed by Vic Sarin
Stars: Marla Sokoloff, Jennifer Tilly, Monika Schnarre, Barry Watson
Comedy. Romance. Romantic Comedy.
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Most liked comments about the video

This was a really GOOD movie which I think you will ENJOY!!! It had a great storyline with real life issues. LOVED IT!!!

I’m watching this because of Jeniffer Tilly. I love her. She is an underrated actor. She should have won an Oscar in Bullets Over Broadway.

This was an enjoyable, entertaining and heartwarming movie. I picked up on a lot of life lessons in this movie.

Ooooh PCF, you did it again! I loved this movie! A couple of twists I wasn’t expecting, and the whole movie marquee was fun to watch as well.
As always, you never disappoint! Thank you!

Pretty good movie, nice ending, nice cast!

Wouldn’t call it ‘intriguing’, not for a romantic comedy. But it was good enough to watch.

This is the best movie I’ve seen all year. The characters and relationships are so real, and heartwarming. ALL of the actors are perfect in their roles – but I fell in love with Jennifer Tilly. Red is a very lucky man to have Alma. Thank you for posting! Will watch it again.

Any movie with Jenifer Tiliy and Dave Thomas is bound to be good and to think they were just supporting actors in this film . They should have got best Emmy for these rolls.
Light and funny movie worth your watch .