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The Baltics: Untouched Animal Paradise | Free Documentary Nature

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The wide, often untouched wilderness of the Baltic hinterland is home to many animals. More than 350 brown bears live in the primeval forests of Alutaguse. In the spring, the Soomaa National Park transforms into a huge lake. Europe’s widest waterfall is located in Latvia. In the beginning of May, vimba bream follow the course of the River Venta. The hardly 50-centimetre-long fish have to overcome a 400-metre-long rock barrier in order to reach their spawning grounds.
The Baltics are rich in superlatives: a fifth of the world’s spotted eagle stocks breed here. One of the largest courtship arenas for snipes is located here in the floodplains of Latvia. More than 1000 wolves go on the hunt in Latvia’s forests. Lithuania is the land of storks – with over 13.000 pairs, no other region in the Baltic States has more white storks.

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Absolutely gorgeous. This is a region I have always wanted to visit! Such amazing wildlife and landscapes to view

I absolutely loved watching this documentary ‚̧ and I too really enjoyed the narration. So well done for a great documentary, thank you ūüėä

Really cool to see how the abandoned mine has become a bat sanctuary. It’s always nice to see destructive human practices like that wind up becoming something good for wildlife later on.

Seeing picturesque forest with strange, cute, rare wildlives is just amusing for a nature lover like me.

Beautiful video. Clean rivers, bird life, otters, elk and wolves. Long may it last.

Now only I am getting to know about wild Europe so much. This one documentary really touched my heart