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Bermuda – Island Paradise of the Atlantic Ocean | Free Documentary Nature

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Located just one thousand kilometres off the American mainland lies the crown jewel of the Atlantic Ocean: Bermuda! The Spanish seafarers who were stranded here on the coral reefs, referred to them as “Devilish Islands” but this didn’t stop the British, who decided to add the group of islands to the British crown.

To this day, the “British way of life” is celebrated. The locals, resplendent in shorts and kneehigh socks and with military honours, celebrate the Queen’s birthday, fight for the survival of an already, ostensibly extinct bird species, cultivate vegetables in communal gardens and get their drinking water form their roofs.

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Bermuda is a beautiful island that is definitely worth visiting. Also famous for its picturesque beaches, but its gorgeous reefs that ring the islands solidify Bermuda as one of the world’s top diving destinations.

Belize central America also known as British Honduras and I’ve always been fascinated by Bermuda!! Sending love!!✌🙏🌎🇧🇿🇧🇲🤗❤💯

Zatrzymywałem się tam każdorazowo w drodze z Karaibów na Azory, a stamtąd do Polski. Bermuda jest warta dłuższego postoju. Na wyspie jest duża kolonia portugalska (z Azorów). W St. George’s natrafiłem raz na dni portugalskie. I stopped there every time on my way from the Caribbean to the Azores, and from there to Poland. Bermuda is worth a long stopover. There is a large Portuguese community (from Azores) on the island. In St George’s I met Portuguese days once.

Beautiful island

BeautifulLove those Bermuda people respect to the Queen!!✌🙏🌎

Right while I was thinking it, the gentleman said it, kinda like wearing a kilt. The tartan obviously has very meaningful history behind it, but the manor in which these items are worn in modern times is similar.