The Namib Desert – A Living Ocean of Sand | Free Documentary Nature – Watch Full Documentary

The Namib Desert – A Living Ocean of Sand | Free Documentary Nature

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As if it were an ocean of golden sand, the Namib covers a large part of Namibia. It is the only desert on earth which reaches the ocean.

The Namib seems to be inhospitable but this impression deceives. The desert is home to the side winder snake the endemic Namib desert beetle and the desert elephants.

The Namib desert beetle for example uses the moisture of the clouds that drive inland from the sea. At the peak of the sand dunes he waits until the humidity condenses at his body. But this makes himself an attractive water supply for his enemies. The desert elephants are not only equipped with bigger ears than other elephants. They also walk on bigger feet to avoid sinking into the soft sand. The leading cow of the herd uses the oversized sensible feet to feel the vibrations of flowing water underneath the surface.

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Elephants are still such amazing creatures to me. I would love to befriend one.

Water collection technique of the sand beetle was amazing.

vGod bless my Brothers and sisters in Namibia, from Ireland, Dublin.

Thank you! I really love these documentaries!!! I think they are saving our sanity!!! Mine anyway!!!grateful!!!🤗🙋❤️‼️

Desert is my passion , minimal delicacy

As a freelance tour guide with all 2020 tours cancelled..I miss my ” wide open spaces “.. but one day I’ll be traversing big sky country again