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WESTWORLD Season 4 Trailer (2022)

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The song will repeat

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The westworld trailers are so sick, they just put music and insane images that can speaks for itself with no dialogues and no spoilers, no plot explaining, it’s just 2 minutes of beauty

The most beautiful series I’ve ever indulged into

I wish they weren’t so far apart in seasons. I’ve completely forgotten what’s going on.

Love trailers that don’t give away the plot.

Don’t even know who’s human anymore or the point. But of course, I’ll watch. lol

Season 3 was a little of a let down but I am stoked for this!

I just finished binge watching all of Westworld! Excited for season 4!

Got to admit the 3rd season lost me. I want the West back in Westworld please.

I’m really surprised there’s a season 4, I wasn’t expecting this, since viewership and ratings were way down for season 3.

I’m surprised by the comments about season 3; sure it was fundamentally different, but also the best by far to date in my book.