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Kingfisher – The Hunt for Germany’s Flying Diamond | Free Documentary Nature

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This is the story of an animal filmmaker who fulfilled a childhood dream: a documentary, featuring the reclusive and rare kingfisher. The material was not shot in some distant country; it was made here in Germany, in the centre of Europe’s green heart, near a tributary of the Rhine.

Animal filmmaker Hans-Jürgen Zimmermann used to admire the flying diamond even as a small child. As an adult, he could at last capture this beautiful bird on film – closer and more intensive than ever before. The results enable us to share his observations as if we had actually participated in the film our-selves. Watch the kingfisher, caught on the wing whilst hunting. Experience how elegantly and powerfully the bird breaks the surface of the water, thereby catching small fish. Enjoy detailed footage of the exciting family life of these fascinating animals.

The film reveals the secret life of the timid kingfisher, from the beginning of territorial conflicts in spring, the digging of a breeding hollow and the hostile attacks of a sparrow hawk, to the persistent expelling of the young birds from the parental territory – all captured in truly unique pictures. Experience a passionate and unforgettable documentary. Look forward to this delightful declaration of love to our wild nature – and to the flying diamond.

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Thank You Hans for this most beautiful presentation of one of my favorite birds rarely have I seen in eastern Texas. Proof that parenting has it’s survival responsibilities. Wonder if the offspring must find also such a clay bank for a suitable nesting site.

I was captivated the first time I saw them on a documentary. Beautiful colors of nature!!

Wow amazing documentary if we can observe in natural everything is special I appreciate to the director

Growing up in the islands, kingfisher is quite popular, it’s amazing to see these beautiful birds however…I remembered they were bigger than these ones 😀

truly amazing shots these birds are so complex and rounded its insane great film 🙂

This isn’t about the kingfisher bird, it’s about the film maker and his really really strange obsession

Beautiful documentary thank you so very much for your hard work