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THE STAIRCASE Trailer (2022) Toni Collette, Colin Firth, Drama

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Toni deserves to be recognized for what she is… one of the greats. Everything she is in, she’s insanely good in and I feel like she’s finally getting the widespread recognition she’s always deserved, but she deserves even MORE. I’ll watch anything with her in it

If you are planning to watch this, I would recommend you watch the 2004 “The Staircase” (alternatively called “Death on the Staircase”) on Netflix first. It’s the actual documentary of this case. It shows the case leading up to the trial, the actual trial and then also what happened after (with bonus episodes added in 2018). This case is so complicated, and I still don’t know what to believe, but the documentary is spectacular.

Btw I just have to say how much I loved Collette in Knives Out. She made every line sing. And that scene where she’s trying to get Jami Lee Curtis to dance was made 100xs funnier in Collete’s hands.😂😂She’s so clever and original!

Omg Toni Collette works her butt off! She is in so many projects in both tv and film. It helps that she’s superb.

Toni is awesome in everything she does! Also, I am calling it, Sophie Turner did it.

I remember first seeing this story on Arts and Entertainment, complete with the actual family members and the accused. It was definitely a very dark and shadowy tale. I still believe Michael Peterson killed his wife. The notion of an owl getting in and out of the house unnoticed is preposterous to me. I’m looking forward to seeing this stellar cast bring life to this very difficult story.