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TOKYO VICE Trailer (2022) Ansel Elgort, Ken Watanabe, Drama Series

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This looks so dope !

Ansel really worked hard here. His Japanese accent is superb.

From Baby Driver to Baby Reporter.. looks like Baby is growing up.

This looks excellent

Omg! Watanabe’s voice!

Looks really good

Cool, this looks like good stuff. Ansel is so pretty.

I like Ken Watanabe but I not so much for Ansel. I just haven’t seen anything he is in I felt was worth watching; primarily because he is in it. Should have probably been a British actor…so many good ones out there. No, not Tom Holland. Oh you know what? Armie Hammer would have been good if he wasn’t going through his cannibalism-sadomasochism thing. Okay, back to a British actor…