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Black Storks: A Surprising Comeback in Germany | Free Documentary Nature

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Nature is a constant source of surprise, also of a positive manner; as, although animals and plants disappear from our landscapes on an almost daily basis, there are “returnees”. The black stork is one of them. The large and colourful bird, known only to a few, has reclaimed German forests. Secretly and silently. The black stork lives as a recluse, in contrast with its cousin, the white stork, which, as a true synanthropic species, enjoys the proximity of humans.
The film represents an adventure in the forest of the black storks. The concealed life of these birds has never before been documented in such detail. Unique footage recorded in state-of-the-art HD technology complete with elaborate sound-editing, creates a real nature experience which is a pleasure for both the eyes and the ears. This animal documentary for the whole family is as entertaining as it is exciting. Discover the unknown world of these fascinating birds and join us in the forest of the black storks.

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I live on the South Coast of England. in the 60s a huge Stork was blown over in a storm from the mainland I can remember quite by chance seeing it purched 100 ft up in a large tree by the edge of a field it was the biggest bird I have ever seen .after it had rested for a day or two it flew home .

Such a fascinating and relaxing film. Those are beautiful and mysterious birds. I hope they make more of a comeback.

Just found this doc, really happy to see it and I love learning even at 60 . Thank you for your time, Pat from Indiana USA

Got a chance to learn about such a wonderful species of bird in Germany.

Thank you guys for your hardwork.

As a glider pilot, going to Germany for gliding holidays; I had the amazing honor of flying thermals with a few dozen of these beautiful birds­čśÄ

Lets plant and urge governments to plant more forests in our countries and preserve and enhance the wildlife and tree/plant varieties.