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Blue Planet: The Fascinating World Beneath the Waves | Free Documentary Nature

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It’s a water world and life couldn’t survive without it. And thanks to it, a mind blowing diversity of creatures thrive beneath the surface. Born to enjoy the riches underwater they must master their body’s adaptations, learn to find food, to escape danger and above all become expert swimmers! Whether it’s in rivers, on beaches or in the deep ocean, all must overcome the obstacles and fulfil their destiny, all are born to swim!
Of all the habitats on earth, the ocean is perhaps the most challenging. Here salt, temperatures, currents and predators can make life difficult; it’s not an obvious place to want to bring up your babies… But even in these waters generation after generation beats the odds. They have overcome the challenges and become some of the most beautiful and graceful of creatures. But any baby born to swim has a lot to learn…

All over the world there are creatures born to swim, and though humans are not, we seem determined to join them. Perhaps we are envious of their grace. Maybe we are all water babies at heart.

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The seals are so beautiful and curious 🥺 I’d do anything to one day have the experience with them that these divers had

This documentary had me going through a rollercoaster of emotions as I pleaded for them to find something else to eat every time a predator was close to the prey especially if babies were near 🥺

I love these documentaries. Animals live such uncomplicated lives… not easy, but much simpler than ours.

Thank you to all the creative and technical team that have got together to show their great works for learning here. Godbless you all.

☹❤ ny heart exploded When the mom still kept looking back at her baby seal on her back when they were in the water together. Omg and that kiss the mom gave her baby to show her that its ok was adorable!

Everytime I watch this kind of documentary, I always amaze with mama animals who are giving birth and knows that they have to feed their babies. I always think that animals or humans we’re all the same. We all have feelings. We all feel love. If only, we don’t have to kill animals for food.

Very interesting!! So difficult to survive in the lap of nature !!