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Cronus – A genius recluse with amnesia awakens to find he has built a machine that extracts memories from the dead. He uses those memories to discover who he is and to rebuild a perfect past for himself.

Stars: Joey Folsom, Tom Zembrod, Ted Ferguson

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Best movie I’ve seen in a while. Great script. Top-notch acting. Excellent ending.

Ogg is the best character I’ve seen in movies in so long. Kudos to the actor!!

A fairly good movie for its small set.. great acting by the crazy guy i could watch him all night..

Oh my Ogg is such a great actor and so funny. Best part of movie. I could watch him over n over.

This was perfect.

Any movie that has “Pissing Bum” in the credit’s, is worthy of a watch

Posted at the 21:23 mark, so hopefully no spoilers. Liked it. Greek myth references a plus. One thing though…if you could perfectly transfer memories, you would have no frame of reference to determine which of the memories were yours. Whether the memories were good or bad, I don’t think I’d like that.

a b-movie where theres actually someone who can act. Took me by surprise, but good job to the Ogg char

So he’s just going to go on a cycle of discovery – kiling – realisation – rediscovery … okay but could’ve ended better