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Malice 1: Origin | Full Sci-Fi Fantasy Movie

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Malice 1: Origin – After moving to a rural home, a family experiences strange events.

Stars: Brittany Martz, Rebekkah Johnson, Mark Hyde

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Holy crap, was this awesome! I read the comments before I watched it, so I kinda ruined it for myself, but still — great story (based on an awesome story), great acting, great locations, and a unique, original interpretation of a much-loved children’s tale. THIS is what makes YouTube special. Bravo! 🙂

I’ll recommend this to m’daughter! She’ll love it! And I caught up on the 2 sequels! Yeah man! Glad I did! Good entertainment!

DAMNED! WHAT A GREAT FLICK! Kudos to all involved with this very entertaining flick!

An interesting adaptation of The Adventures Of Alice In Wonderland.

I didn’t think I would like this, but it’s actually pretty good and I recommend it.

It wasn’t until Alice said “Curioser and curioser”, I realised this is an modern version of Alice in Wonderland. The mushrooms, caterpillar (ghost kid) and the house rabbit. I’m a bit slow, it wasn’t until 45 minutes in that realised it. Well done!

I’ve seen this it was a nice surprise well worth a 2nd watch thanks 😊👍

This was a great movie. I will watch the other two parts. Thank you. Have a great weekend 💖 🌟 🌌

At 22min47secs – this is classy. Good acting can make (or break – not in this case) a fairly low-budget show – LIKE