Tory Lanez – Mucky James

Tory Lanez – Mucky James [Official Music Video] FARGO FRIDAYS

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Back against the wall but Gods Talent CAN NEVER LOSE! KEEP GOING!! ☔️☂️☔️☂️☔️☂️

Can’t deny his talent. Those vocals are still on point. God bless you brother ❤️

You can hear the pain in his voice. It’s the fact that all that’s coming up against him, he’s still standing strong 💪🏾 it’s the honesty, the dedication, the fight , and hustle that makes me love not just his music but him as a human being. Keep fighting your battles with God by your side and you will always win!

The industry is definitely against him. This man is talented and they know it

This is song is a classic already. Everyone can relate about a fake friend doing some flaw shit to them💯 Song is timeless

The greatest artist of this generation, he’s so unappreciated. FARGO can sing and rap at a top tier level. If he’s not in your top 10, you definitely don’t understand or appreciate music. I’m an artist as well, I understand the difficulty and talent it takes to do what he does. I pray one day I get the chance to work with him. God is watching him and his situation so I have no doubt he will be victorious. Bless up to everyone 🙏🏿

Name another dude that can sing in so many styles and give you so many vibes. Tory keeps doing it since I was a depressed little shit and its been taking me through the days. Still able to stay relevant and spit pure fire then switch it up and take you to the past with some feeling shit that makes you remember your school crush, give this man his credits already.

Don’t care what nobody say, Tory is one of the greatest artists of his generation and his music touches the soul man!!! ☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️

I could feel every lyric in this song😢i love that he’s expressing himself through music instead of bottling up stuff which can lead to suicide💯