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6 Children and 1 Grandfather | Full Comedy Movie

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David McDoll is a selfish and wealthy man living an enviable lifestyle in his large villa and collecting fancy cars. However, his life is about to be changed forever when he inherits his six grandchildren. His glamorous lifestyle quickly becomes complete chaos. But he will learn a valuable lesson that teaches him about placing family first and discovering a newfound appreciation for life.

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I enjoyed this movie! Family Fun! Teaches some practical lessons, also. We all should remember that our parents/ grandparents can get lonely, and depressed, because they have spent many years raising children, working, perhaps running a business, then the house is empty. Especially if their spouse has passed away. Having family visit is really special to them. It really means so much to them!

I dearly love this movie as it reminds me of my days in the company of my late- grandfathers. It’s maybe too short but every second counts because I love them both. They are two of the great men in my life and I’m blessed to meet and be with them on this world even just for awhile on this journey. I hope to watch more grandpa movies here…Thank you

🇪🇦Bueno, fue una historia muy bonita que expresa el verdadero espíritu de amor, cuidado y respeto entre los miembros de la familia, hay muchos elementos divertidos en esta película, la disfruté.

We really enjoyed this movie! It’s low key but entertaining with a good message. My dog liked it too ☺️

I love this movie it’s just beyond words. I love the kids 😍😍😍 this movie is funny it’s worth a watch at first I thought not but now am in 2 it big time. funny n class I love it 😍😍😍 so if u ask me watch it ❤️❤️❤️

Without sophisticated special effects, very natural movie, lovely and heartwarming 💕

I got sidetracked on my first comment. Just want to say this movie is enjoyable and relaxing, funny and uplifting. Some parts of it really cracked me up! Love the actors and actresses!