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David Koresh: The Final 24 (Full Documentary)

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April 18, 1993. One of the most notorious religious leaders in the United States, David Koresh, and 83 of his followers have been trapped inside their Waco, Texas compound for over 50 days. Unwilling to surrender and surrounded by authorities, the siege is the longest modern-day standoff in American law enforcement history. In 24 hours, however, it will all be over… And Koresh and 73 others will be dead. Featuring archival footage, dramatic reenactments, and key interviews, Final 24 documents the final moments of the infamous preacher’s life.

S2 E07

Directed by Mike Parkinson
Dave McRae

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Unbelievable, if they wanted David they had all the chances in the world to get him and not kill others.

I was there as a Fire Fighter and Paramedic and they forcibly kept all the fire departments and medics from doing our jobs! Some of us were even “detained” for trying to honor our oaths!

I remember this. We watched the news everyday hoping the kids would be let out. Still very sad. May they rest in peace

Government used sleep deprivation tactics including shining spotlights on them and playing audio of rabbits being killed…Imagine doing that to innocent kids and women and acting like it’s the right thing

again before all this. But no! The cops wanted a big show and have a big dramatic takedown, but what they got was a showdown instead and didn’t count on that or them being able to shoot pretty good.

This should always be looked at by law enforcement, as a way of how NOT to do it! They had several opportunities to arrest Koresh in town, and we’re made aware of it and given the chance

History tells a very mixed story. I heard testimony that he regularly went jogging outside of the compound. There were suspicions about the government’s tactics even as it was unfolding. The best people to ask are the survivors.

Whether Koresh was crazy or not, the way the FBI handled it was perverted