John F Kennedy: The Final 24 The Story of His Final 24 Hours – Watch Full Documentary

John F Kennedy: The Final 24 (Full Documentary) The Story of His Final 24 Hours

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John Kennedy Jr. was American royalty and a cultural icon. His promise of living out his political legacy bequeathed to him on the day of his father’s assassination, was cut short over the Atlantic Ocean one July night. Kennedy’s death and that of his wife and sister-in-law, were the result of a series of bad decisions Kennedy had made during his last day. A day plagued by stress when his life depended on his ability to think clearly. Final 24 examines the string of errors that led to his tragic demise.

SE1 EP06

Directed by Mike Parkinson
Dave McRae

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Its sad to know that John made so many fatal mistakes on this tragic day but we cant out run our fate! Rest Easy 🙏🏻

The first time I watched this I cried. Not because I knew JFK or JFK Jr. but because of everything that was lost and years later figuring out some of the lies and now finding more out makes it even more of a evil and dark tragedy.

John Jr. made a series of errors in judgment that day that led to the tragedy. You don’t want that in a pilot.

I also think that he had a feeling of invulnerability since he had taken many risks in the past and always come through. I wish he had lived- he was a likable person with manners unlike so many today. I still wonder why the autopilot wasn’t used.

RIP to all three. I think there might have been a bit of a death wish involved here. Certainly not suicide, but risk taking so extreme that it may as well have been. The sad thing is that Lauren (her sister) got caught up in this. It was a very selfish move for him to fly this route, at that time, in those conditions, with his skills. Nuts flying a plane like that in IFR conditions without experience. And not taking the land route with a horizon, ugh. Bad decisions compounding. Anyway, RIP.

I felt sorry for JFK Jr. In addition to a traumatic & tumultuous childhood, he must have been under a lot of pressure to succeed in his life, probably much more pressure than his sister. It couldn’t have been easy to live under the glare of the spotlight. RIP John Kennedy, Jr. and Carolyn & Lauren Bissett. 🌹💗

I think there’s much more to his untimely death than we will ever know. I think of all the Kennedy’s he sounds like he had the best soul. May he Rest In Peace.

He was a good person… so sad what happened to him, JFK & RFK. Such sadness in that family!! RIP to all the Kennedy’s.✨

John and Carolyn’s death was tragic, but in their short lives, they both had the best of everything. May they rest in peace.

This accident is just so sad. As a flight enthusiast, I understand how to read aircraft instruments. It’s tough to believe that any pilot would go with their gut instincts and ignore the panel in front of them. Tragic, but avoidable. 🙁