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Dark Harbor – Olivia, a pregnant woman approaching her due date, returns to Maine for the funeral of her father, but while she’s there her father’s well kept secrets come after her.
2019. Stars: Jessica Sipos, Sterling Hurst, Jillian Armenante, Mark Atkinson, Xander Berkeley
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A very good thriller and some great moments of love and compassion.

Highly recommend this movie. Great Plot…great actors. Beautiful location. Very suspenseful and kept you guessing.

One of the best of Dark. And a deeply human story after all is said and done. Excellent.

really good movie, inspirational…dark hidden secrets that separated individuals for years. The acting was also exceptional.

This is an excellent pscho-thriller! No spoiler alerts here baby! I’ve never heard of any of the actresses/actors in this movie and I was impressed! I was on the edge of my seat! MOVIE CENTRAL KEEP BRINGING IT BABY!

Very good movie. Excellent acting of all cast members. Thank you, Movie Central.

A very good movie,with a very good message to the society.

Good (scary, sad) movie… but a really good end!

Wow! The twists, turns, suspense…this movie had it all! Thanks for posting!

Wonderful movie 🍿. Forgiveness, understanding and acceptance. 😇

The story keeps you captivated till the last moment!

A straightforward, very predictable suspense movie. Good acting, fun to watch.

I just came across this movie I was pleasantly surprised it was a really good movie thanks!

What an interesting movie. Must watch! Thank you Movie Central ❤️

what a good movie,, divine acting and script

A powerful story/film and very twisting with sinister plots

What a movie. Thank you for uploading it.

Great movie 🎬 I highly recommend 👌 had ne on the edge of my seat

What a f__ing freakazoid! Holy moly. Love that mom came through, softened up and that made for a really sweet ending. I’m no softie either, but that was great. Olivia was definitely the star, especially the way she “took care of” that creepo.

What a film. 10/10

Great story and acting wonderful

Such dark corners in so many minds…secrets… Thanks for this great film.

Thanks for this movie. It was suspenseful for sure! God bless!

Good girl!! She’s officially a mother now. We will fight to the death over our children’s safety.

Great plot. One I have seen in some ways happen in my family. Just too bad Kellen\Cullen didn’t have much blood in him when he was finally taken down.