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After a startling UFO encounter, a man becomes a trance channel for an extraterrestrial intelligence.
2016. Stars: Darryl Anka, Ken Belsky, Zachary Dean, Dan Leech
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This was very enlightening! Some of what he said is common knowledge although it might not seem like it at 1st but he explained a lot that has been happening lately with the UAPs/ UFOs. I have been feeling that these “crafts” have been coming thru a dimension rather than deep space. Ive also made the connection with UAPs and Skinwalker Ranch being the main portal from which these beings come thru…

This has to be the most ‘Down To Earth’ documentary on Aliens and Alien life i’ve ever seen.

I just am not ready to believe this is real. Because I’ve been waiting g since childhood for it to be!

Don’t get me wrong. Everything he says is Amazing!!

I definitely believe there is intelligent life out there somewhere, given the sheer size of the known universe, plus who knows how many habitable planets, or even other universes there might be out there. Respectfully, what I AM skeptical about is this man’s channeling of one of them. It doesn’t seem like a credible, truthful conversation he’s having with his alien buddy. I would be happy to be proven wrong, however. I’ve been watching the skies since both of my parents were followed by a UFO while travelling through the desert when I was a small child. It was about the year 1958-60ish on a dark, deserted desert road on a cross country trip. Dad was a Captain in the Air Force, mom was a nurse. Not the kind of people who ever made up stories or lied. I was to small to see out the window from the backseat of one of those huge old 1940ish style cars, but I remember my mom’s emotional reaction. She was absolutely thrilled & wanted to stop the car to get out & see it better. Dad flatly refused & sped up. She told me many years later that she was hoping to meet someone from another planet one day, but missed her chance! As for dad, he would never talk about it for whatever reason. Now I live way out in the middle of nowhere, far from city lights and noise, so I still search the skies on clear nights, hoping to see more than just shooting stars.

Started out thinking “oh this is just another crazy BS movie, made by people who took too much acid throughout their life “.. I can’t explain it but it seems like I was meant to come across this video in this exact moment in time. It really changed how I have currently been viewing my life. I’m glad I stuck with it. Very interesting and well made

I can relate to that bright light, as when I was about 10ys old, same thing happened to me, I wasn’t scared,. Curious yes… Told my parents about it, they put it down as me being tired, they never believed me. Since that time, I have had loads of paranormal things happening, including premonitions, and images of places I know don’t exist on earth, almost a fantasy style truely 3d landscape, with full atmospherics and ambient sounds of wildlife I have never heard of before. Another thing the grass, if you could really call it that in another vision was very large blades of grass that were grey in colour, coated in a very fine dust. The sky was very dark purple, slightly lighter at its horizon in two directions, which made no sense to me at all, a very strong smell of ozone in the air with I guess sulfury smell too… I was also was aware of some rather interesting illuminecent insects too.. quite large, this vision I have had many times. Long before I had the light vision I had some experience of this vision, but the intensity relating to this vision has become far greater…there is going to be a vast awaking for mankind, to take the step in awakening, you have to close your eyes and open your mind, think of absolutely nothing, hard you might think, breathing and exercise and an open mind are be all you need. Within each one of us, we possess the greatest universal gift, our minds,. Calling Aliens Alien, is thinking of them sorta simply by category. All life no matter where it is in the universe is inextricably linked at the concious level,. The whole universe is one of infinite universes, all operating at their own frequencies, only entities that can manipulate those frequencies can traverse from one universe to another. In the case of UFOs, there craft jump from location to location in there own universe, also can jump from their universe and into ours really as easy as slipping through an open door.. we are one these extra terrestrials, we are the same mind, the same intellect, all we have to do is tune our minds to receive the vast weath of information that we have stored in our own minds – where lays the answers to any question you dare ever want to ask. When we get get taught in school, we are simply being reminded about things and events that we already have deeply stirred in our minds. The Awaking is happening

There is definitely something real here – a lot of inspiration and wisdom can be gleaned from Bashar about the nature of reality, dimensions, and time. The information at 40:52 about how these beings travel correlates with Bob Lazar’s explanation of his research on the recovered craft at S4, and anybody who has seen that “tic-tac” footage can see that these ships do seem to move in an unbelievable way. What I’ve noticed about some channellers though, is that even though they are often connecting to something real, not ALL of what they say is real. Lee Carroll (Kryon) is an example of someone who also seems to bring through real inspiration, but who when asked questions, sometimes fills in the blanks with B.S. and with his own opinions/ America-centric worldview. You can tell, because he has said things that are just WRONG – eg. he spoke once of how extremely evolved and advanced a soul the Indian guru Sai Baba is (turns out, Sai Baba was extremely corrupt and widely reported to be a sex offender! ) My jury is out on whether Darryl Anka also fills in some blanks, or if ALL of this is true. One question I’d have is, if these beings don’t need names because they are telepathic, why are there names for the different generations of greys/hybrids, and for “Bashar’s” planet? If names were simply made up to make the story more appealing, so be it. There may still be a lot of truth in it. You don’t just throw the alien baby out with the Hollywood bathwater! The one channeller I have come across who I have never smelled even a whiff of B.S. from, is Esther (Abraham). She’s amazing.

Let me just say that those in the movie who experienced these UFO’s are not alone and for me when they say it’s difficult to explain to others they need to see it for themselves is peace of mind for me the other thing that gets me is the denial that comes with these sightings I understand it but can’t go along with it for me the show the UFO’s put on for me and I’m not talking Tik Tac or Orbs but super yacht sized craft oval saucer shape multi coloured lights for up to 4-5 mins was exceptional and so how do you explain this to others it’s as though these craft had decided to show me they were NOT a threat! Just keep watching the skies you just may get very lucky to see a reality!?..