Masked Wolf – Fallout Feat. Bring Me The Horizon

Masked Wolf – Fallout Feat. Bring Me The Horizon (Official Lyric Video)

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Oli’s vocals are so fucking versatile now, it’s insane how long of a way he’s come as a vocalist since the Edge of Your Seat/Count Your Blessings days. The subtle hint of that era at the end of this song too!! Man that was cool as fuck. Great collab, thanks for making this!! <3

BMTH is revolutionary – they are doing what LP used to do back in the early 2000s they are being feature in others songs that are diff than what they do, and they be featuring people who are diff too. One of the best bands around.

What you really need to see is two opposite genres coming together to try and be very different. It takes guts for a band like BMTH to say yes let’s have rap verses. Music will go nowhere without risks. Majority of people that don’t like the verses don’t like rap.. majority of people that don’t like the chorus don’t like rock.. but I am glad majority of you love the track. it was a risk but again nothing is a risk when you know in your heart it was everything you wanted and needed to do.. thank you Wolfpack love ya’ll

I really love this, I just feel like it could stand to be 30 seconds to a minute longer. An extra chorus and maybe a proper breakdown would really make this.

2:57 “THIS IS THE FALLOUT” gives me chills everytime, it’s so heavy!

I’m pleasently surprised. Never heard of Masked Wolf before so wasn’t sure what to expect from him, come to find out he’s a rap artist. Not my cup of tea, but the rap parts were actually pretty nice and the Bring Me parts were really good. Solid song! (Edit: love the artwork as well)

I LOVE Masked Wolf, he is beautiful and great singer and I love BMTH…this song is AMAZING!!!