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Skyquake – Since 2012 reports of strange sounds coming from the sky have flooded social media, now Adam, a recluse, struggling with his own demons, believes whatever is causing them has followed him home.

Stars: Aidan Kokotilo-Moen, John Prowse, Sandy Robson

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Never stopped turning yet stayed on track it’s an amazing movie that must be seen to be believed.
Sandy Robson. Legend

How am I supposed to sleep after watching that?! Absolutely stunning! 😱

I Love sci-fi movies and this is one of he BEST I have seen in recent years. Be prepared to think and stay with the changes. Each character matters and their emotions (or lack of emotion) are very real. This gets a 10 thumbs up from me!!!!

Thank you for sharing this. It is truly terrifying!

Great actors. I am crying my ass off.

Braindamage Films, indeed. A VERY apt description of what it have to be like to make such a sick movie with nothing real happening at all, or just resempling real. A genuinly fine example of what many unfortunate people who aquire a mental condition must experience, but too far into that universe for normal people to comprehend in one go, or even relate to.

These “sky sounds” or the “trumpets of the gods” as I call them, really happen sometimes! I’ve heard them on many occasions. As an equipment operator I know for certain they can be heard miles from their source, usually a piece of heavy equipment such as a bulldozer or grader operating on rock, concrete slab, or pavement. Grader blades in particular develop a crown in the center of the blade where it is used more frequently, and often, rather than take it into the shop and use the gas axe to cut off the excess on the ends the operator will put the edge down on the pavement as they are moving between dirt roads and scrape off the excess steel using the pavement as a grinder. Pavement guys hate this. Apparently so do schizophrenics. I’ve gotta go, my eggs are almost bleached.

A great movie , thanks for sharing !!!

I don’t know who the actor is but he’s really good you can almost feel his pain in the beginning I just started watching it it’s a little dry so far anyways